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August 5, 2016 - New requirement for Oregon Employee Paystubs

During the most current Oregon legislative session, Governor Brown signed in to law Senate Bill 1587, which amends ORS 652.409, 652.610, and 652.750 (click here for the full text of the bill. This bill requires Oregon employers beginning on January 1, 2017 to include all of the below items on their Oregon employees' pay stubs: 

·    Date of payment

·   Dates of work covered by the payment

·    Name of the employee

·    Name and Business Registry number or Business Identification Number of the employer

·    Address and telephone number of the employer

·    Rate(s) of pay

·    Whether the employee is paid by the hour, shift, day, week or on a salary, piece rate, or commission basis

·    Gross wages

·    Net wages

·    Amount and purpose of each deduction made during the period of service covered by the payment

·    Any allowances claimed as part of the minimum wage

·    The regular hourly rate(s) of pay, the overtime rate(s) of pay, the number of regular hours worked and pay for those hours, and the number of overtime hours worked and pay for those hours (unless the employee is paid on a salary basis and is exempt from overtime compensation as established by law)

·    If an employee is paid at a piece rate; the piece rate(s) of pay, the number of pieces completed at each piece rate, and the total pay for each piece rate

·    Electronic pay statements are permitted, provided an employee expressly agrees to receive the statement in electronic form, the pay statement includes all the required information, and the employee has the ability to print or store the statement at the time of receipt. All PSNW electronic pay statements can be printed or stored.

The majority of this information is already included on your pay stubs.  Before the deadline, we will add your Business Identification Number (BIN) and verify that your phone number is listed on your pay stubs. 

Employers no longer will be able to use a "Miscellaneous" deduction code.  All deductions must be itemized starting January 1, 2017.  We will be happy to add any necessary deduction codes to fit your needs.

 Please contact us with any questions regarding the new law.