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Payroll Processing

Are you confused about what payroll services you really need?

We Provide Multiple Options For Your Complete Satisfaction

Phone, Fax, email or use our Information Request Form to send us your payroll information and get started with Payroll Services NW today. We will manage the precise calculations and details of your employee time, attendance, and payroll processing in a timely fashion, ensuring the accuracy of your payroll and payroll tax operations.

Payroll processing and reporting is our core service. Detailed registers and reports that avoid redundancy and increase reporting efficiency come standard with our payroll services. We guarantee that you will find our streamlined HR and tax reports to be detailed and useful. We offer the following core reports as a part of our standard services: Tax, Attendance, Income Register, Deduction Register, Check Register, Payroll Register, Employee Change/Audit Report, and Employee Listing/Worksheet. As your needs for reporting change, contact your payroll specialist for a list of additional available reports and to learn more about specialized custom reporting.

Federal and State quarterly tax returns for your company's home state are also included with our services. As an example, an Oregon employer would receive Federal Forms 941 and 941b, as well as Oregon Forms 132 and Oregon Quarterly on a quarterly basis as a standard service.

Federal and State annual returns include federal forms 940 or 943, W-3 and state form WR. Employee earnings are reported electronically to the IRS and printed for an employee's tax filing purposes on form W-2.

Helping you fulfill your payroll tax obligations

Continuing to work for you, Payroll Specialties NW ™ calculates payroll deductions and can deposit Federal, State and Local payroll taxes on your company's behalf. Whether you require complete control of the payroll tax process or prefer the hands off approach; we guarantee you will appreciate this value-added service.


Basic Reporting

  • Check stubs listing
  • Tax/cash management report
  • Income register
  • Attendance register
  • Production register
  • Check register
  • Payroll register
  • Tax report

Optional Reporting

  • Workers comp report
  • Employee change report
  • Employee history report
  • Check stubs
  • 401(k) reports

Special reports & functions

  • Export check register in multiple formats

Advanced Reporting

  • GL reporting
  • Certified payroll
  • Union liability
  • Sick & vacation management
  • Time off reporting

HR Reports

  • Job costing & labor distribution

MasterLink™ software

  • Site report (EDD site survey – labor statistics)
  • Query builder

Direct deposit (at lowest cost in industry)

Tax deposit & reporting services

Custom reporting