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Time and Attendance

Adding automated timekeeping will change the way you view managing employee time and attendance. Not only will it save you time and money, it will also make your payroll more efficient and accurate. Say goodbye to time wasted manually totaling and verifying time cards.

Time clocks allow employees to clock in and out using web, telephone, swipe card or biometric methods. Time and attendance data is available online, allowing authorized users to log in within the network to verify and edit employee punches, see updated totals, run and download timekeeping reports. Integrating time clocks into the workplace is easy and affordable, there is no additional software to download and data is available to managers anywhere you have a network connection.

Please visit theĀ system capabilities page to see the vast array of program features, sample reports and time cards.

With Payroll Specialties NW you have a variety of time tracking options and we're here to help customize your employee time and attendance system to best fit your company needs. To learn more about how automated timekeeping can help improve your business, contact one of our certified payroll specialists at 541.484.6619 or fill out theĀ request for information form.


Web Clock

  • Interface with any PC or MAC
  • Restrict access using IP filtering
  • Can be set up with a dedicated computer for clock ins/outs
  • Real time data is immediately uploaded to the web
  • View, track, amend and run reports from any computer
  • Best suited for employers with:
    • Employers of all sizes
    • Employees working off-site i.e. developers, salespersons
    • Majority of employees working at a computer

Flex Clock

  • IP enabled
  • Integrated biometric print reader
  • Real time data is immediately uploaded to the web
  • Connects via Ethernet, analog or cellular
  • Employee can print a receipt
  • Best suited for employers with:
    • real time data needs

Swipe Clock

  • Transmits via telephone line
  • Can be mounted on a wall
  • Employee clocks in/out using:
    • Electronic card
    • Employee ID number
    • Biometric print reader
  • Best suited for employers with:
    • No available Internet acess to the clock

Biometric Print Reader

  • Integrates into any clock
  • No card to lose
  • Eliminates risk of employees clocking in/out for each other