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Encouraging Health and Wellness at Work

The new year is a great time to encourage employees to meet health and fitness goals. Many want to participate in wellness programs, but may feel it's too hard, unfamiliar or inconvenient. Employers and managers may see a wellness program as a frivolous cost with no way to measure the return on investment. In truth, with a little inspiration and planning, none of these arguments are valid.

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Paycards: Advantages for 'Banked' Employees too!

Employers and employees alike often think that paycards are mainly for those who either can not get or don't want a bank account. For these 'unbanked' employees it certainly is much easier and cost-effective for them to receive their pay on a paycard then by a paper check. But there are many advantages for 'banked' employees as well. Some use it as a savings tool, while others use a card to stay within a budget. To get to know all the advantages however, you have to try it.

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Think Your Company is Too Small to be the Target of a Cyber Criminal? Think Again!

In the news this year. employees in the payroll departments at Sprouts Farmers Markets and Seagate, among other companies, fell victim to a scam in which an email seemed to be coming from an executive within the firm. These emails asked tne employee to send W-2 forms of multiple employees to the scammer posing as a high-level executive. In too many instances the employee(s) complied.

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