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Paycards: Advantages for 'Banked' Employees too!

Employers and employees alike often think that paycards are mainly for those who either can not get or don't want a bank account. For these 'unbanked' employees it certainly is much easier and cost-effective for them to receive their pay on a paycard then by a paper check. But there are many advantages for 'banked' employees as well. Some use it as a savings tool, while others use a card to stay within a budget. To get to know all the advantages however, you have to try it.

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Think Your Company is Too Small to be the Target of a Cyber Criminal? Think Again!

In the news this year. employees in the payroll departments at Sprouts Farmers Markets and Seagate, among other companies, fell victim to a scam in which an email seemed to be coming from an executive within the firm. These emails asked tne employee to send W-2 forms of multiple employees to the scammer posing as a high-level executive. In too many instances the employee(s) complied.

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