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The Form I-9: From Immigration Document to Critical Employment Form

Any business owner knows the importance of paying attention to detail in order to thrive. At Payroll Specialties Northwest, we realize how crucial it is for businesses to spend more time growing than worrying about complex details. Our country is built largely on business; therefore, the government needs a way of tracking and regulating certain details of each business, particularly employees. The I-9 Form is one way businesses can provide the adequate details needed about their employees to the government.

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IRS Introduces ACA Wizard to Help Employers Navigate New Regulations

For employers, addressing and planning around the changes that come with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is crucial. Failure to comply with the ACA can result in harsh penalties and choosing a health care policy for your company can be difficult. Fortunately, this September, the IRS is launching an "ACA Wizard" that can help guide you through the changes that come with the ACA and to find a suitable course of action.

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