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Think Your Company is Too Small to be the Target of a Cyber Criminal? Think Again!

In the news this year. employees in the payroll departments at Sprouts Farmers Markets and Seagate, among other companies, fell victim to a scam in which an email seemed to be coming from an executive within the firm. These emails asked tne employee to send W-2 forms of multiple employees to the scammer posing as a high-level executive. In too many instances the employee(s) complied.

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Buying holiday gifts for employees? Keep it professional.

The holidays are here again and somehow Black Friday has become THIS FRIDAY. You might have the itch to get all your shopping done ASAP in an attempt to relax and celebrate the holidays early for once. If your shopping list includes getting gifts for your employees, management team or those you supervise take a moment to think about your choices before you start your shopping spree.

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