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HR Holiday Q and A

With the holiday season fast approaching, we thought it would be appropriate to republish this article originally created by our sister HR company, Personnel Management Systems (PMSI). Like many things in HR, simple questions often require complex answers. If in doubt, ask an experienced HR person or your employment attorney.

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Don't blow your top: Coping with stress at work

It's a little known fact that August 24th is Vesuvius Day. On this day in 79AD the infamous volcano buried the town of Pompeii under a cloud of toxic gas followed by a flow of hot rock and ash. Sometimes frustrations at work can make us feel like a volcano ready to explode. Here are some suggestions to manage our stress so we don't blow our top!

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Don't sweat it! A clear vacation policy should take the heat off of you, your company and your employees

With temperatures heating up it is natural that we all start thinking of that ritual we all enjoyed as kids - the Summer Vacation. Unfortunately as adults we have many more responsibilities than we had in the past and fewer and fewer of us are taking advantage of not just a summer vacation, but ANY vacation. A whopping 75% of Americans fail to use all their vacation time, resulting in over $50 billion dollars in benefits being lost per year.

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5 Key Steps to Building Team Energy

This month's blog post is provided by Carl Robinson, Ph.D., Advanced Leadership Consulting

A few years ago, a client of mine was leading the marketing department of a major financial services firm: high profile, internationally respected brand. Many of his people worked long hours, and some traveled quite extensively. Yet, no one ever seemed to mind. In fact, there was always an energetic buzz about them.

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